CBDB ID: 13359
索引/中文/英文名稱: /石A/Shi A
指數年 (index year):
生年: 未詳
卒年: 未詳
享年: 0
為女性: 0
郡望: 武威
Shi(4) A [13359] See documentation for descendant, Yanfeng [13358]. According to Su Song, WJ, 55.9b, this lineage set forth from people of Qing she, and an ancestor left here for Xinchang at the beginning of the Tang. Zhou Bida, WJ, 75.13a traces ancestry of Zhouwen [3724] to Jingbo (not in dataset) of the Zhou dynasty and from him to the Zhou founders (Kangshu, younger brother of Wu Wang) (Zhou ancestors not in dataset) and Lu(5) You [3640], WJ, 36.4a provides a similar origin for Shi(4) Jizeng [13435]. According to Lu(5) You, Jizeng's 23 generation ancestor moved from Qing, Leling (in Song, Cangzhou, Loling county). Jizeng was born in 1142, which (at 30 years a generation) would date this move in ca. 542. This is pretty close. I am dating the move in 620 and making Shi(4) A the founder and Yanfeng a lineal descendant and first representative of branch 'a' of the lineage and Shi(4) Duanzhong [13430], Jizeng's great grandfather, as a lineal descendant of Shi(4) A and first representative of branch 'b' of the lineage. Lu(5) You also points out that the details of the genealogy from Tang to Jizeng can be found in the family genealogy (shipu).

前住地 唐朝 / 河北道 / 滄州 / 樂陵
出處: 未知 , 頁0000
籍貫(基本地址) 唐朝 / 江南道 / 越州 / 剡縣
出處: 未知 , 頁0000
遷住地 唐朝 / 江南道 / 越州 / 剡縣
出處: 未知 , 頁0000

直系後裔(G+n):  石延俸
直系後裔(G+n):  石端中
直系後裔(G+n):  石文
直系祖先(G-n):  石奮