CBDB ID: 15205
索引/中文/英文名稱: /連/Lian Jingxian
指數年 (index year): 0
生年: 未詳(Id: 0)
卒年: 未詳(Id: 0)
享年: 0
朝代: 宋(Id: 15)
為女性: 0
郡望: 【未詳】(ID: 0)
Lian(2) Jingxian [15205] See documentation for father-in-law, Chen(1) Yiming [15204], and brother-in-law, Chen E [15182]. The nearest Lian(2) jinshi in the correct chronological period (1124) was Lian(2) Kangshi (not in dataset), a Huaian county resident (Fujian TZ, 148.18b), and this is the address I am giving Jingxian. Since he held public office, it seems probable that he must have some degree-holding kin although he may have gained position through his affinal connections. There are, however, Lian(2), in other parts of Fujian (e.g. Quanzhou). In any case, the probabilities are very good that he was a Fujian resident, probably related to the Anzhou, Yingshan Lian(2) -- Lian(2) Nanfu [21800] was buried in Huaian county. It is also possible that he was, in fact, a Yingshan county resident and cousin of Nanfu.

籍貫(基本地址)(Id:1):  福州(Id: 13868) / 懷安13872
出處: 未知 , 頁0000

[為官者:文](Id: 40)

女婿(DH):  陳韓
岳父(WF):  陳一鳴