CBDB ID: 17794
索引/中文/英文名稱: /韓朏/Han Fei
指數年 (index year): 725
生年: 未詳
卒年: 未詳
享年: 0
為女性: 0
郡望: 穎川
Han(1) Fei [17794] See Han(1) Qi's [630] jiazhuan. His ancestors settled in Changli, Jicheng (Jize) located in the Changge county, in Yingchuan or Xuzhou. They served in the administrations of the Murong(1) rulers of Yan and the Northern Wei. An unnamed ancestor, must be Bo [22444], moved to Changli. These were originally Nanyang Han(1), descended from the Former Han situ, Zeng [22440], whose descendant, Chun [22442], was the ancestor of Bo, who moved to Changli. See documentation for Han(1) Hui [24453]. It is possible that there were two moves; one to Changli, if the Changli in the area of Beijing, and then another move to Jicheng. XTS, 73A.10a; Zhou Jiayou, 4.461.

籍貫(基本地址) 唐朝 / 河北道 / 定州 / 博野
出處: 未知 , 頁0000


直系祖先(G-n):  韓播
子(S):  韓沛