CBDB ID: 25790
索引/中文/英文名稱: /王洽/Wang Xia(6)
指數年 (index year): 297
生年: 未詳
卒年: 未詳
享年: 0
為女性: 0
郡望: 琅琊
Wang(2) Xia [25790] The most famous of Dao(2)'s [25788] sons, he served in the administration of Jin Mudi and was the only direct ancestor of the Langya Wang(2) recorded in the XTS genealogical tables. I am assuming that he moved to the Eastern Jin capital since his descendants were dispersed in various places in China. Yan lu, 3.5b; Zhou Jiayou, 1.91.

江南通志, 頁section_id=5190196

前住地 唐朝 / 江南道 / 越州 / 剡縣
出處: 未知 , 頁0000
籍貫(基本地址) 唐朝 / 江南道 / 昇州 / 江寧
出處: 未知 , 頁0000
遷住地 唐朝 / 江南道 / 昇州 / 江寧
出處: 未知 , 頁0000


父(F):  王導
子(S):  王珣   出處:明清婦女著作數據庫(頁MQWW PoetID #2005)。