CBDB ID: 27614
索引/中文/英文名稱: /王孝曾/Wang Xiaozeng
指數年 (index year):
生年: 未詳
卒年: 未詳
享年: 0
為女性: 0
郡望: 【未詳】
Wang(2) Xiaozeng [27614] He died shortly after marriage and his wife, although urged to do so, did not remarry, but adopted one of his nephews and ultimately had two grandsons and three granddaughters. He is identified as a shiren (士人) and, on the basis of averages was probably around 30 years old when he died. I am guessing that his ancestral home was the same as his wife. Liu Kezhuang, WJ, 149.10a-11b (wife, born Li(2), who died in 1231 at age 56). Not indexed in CBD.

籍貫(基本地址) 泉州 / 莆田
出處: 未知 , 頁0000


妻子(W):  李氏(王孝曾妻)
岳父(WF):  李宣仲