CBDB ID: 918
索引/中文/英文名稱: /高秉/Gao Bing
指數年 (index year): 1013
生年: 未詳
卒年: 未詳
享年: 0
為女性: 0
郡望: 廣陵
Gao(1) Bing [918] Di's [926] son. XCB, 290.2b-3a, 296.11a, 303.14b, 304.13b, 310.11a; SHY:ZG, 66.13b. According to Chao(2) Buzhi's [13] funerary inscription for Bing's son, Yuanchang [13513], Bing's first wife was surname Chao(2). Yuanchang was recommended by his waijia, Chao(2) Zongque [8001]. Zongque's cousin, Zongke [7121] (q.v.), was the father-in-law of a Gao(1) Yuanzhen [13174], who is probably Yuanchang's brother or cousin. If generational logic holds true, the father-in-law of Bing was a member of a Chao(2) in the generation before Zongque and Zongke and since the immediate reference was to Zongque, I am assuming that it was his father, Jiong [3012].

籍貫(基本地址) 宿州 / 蘄縣
出處: 未知 , 頁0000

 ▪ 正授 轉運使 地點: 梓州路。起始年: 之間1077。 終止年: 之間1079(未詳)。 未詳。
:Hartwell defined the office as Zizhou yunshi (梓州運使)


父(F):  高覿
子(S):  高元常
子(S):  高元振
岳父(WF):  晁迥